Independent Living Goals Area Form

    a. Self-esteem/Self-imageb. Communication Skillsc. Goal Settingd. Problem Solving

    a. Personal Careb. Personal Care Management Trainingc. Medical Needs and Emergency Proceduresd. Substance Abuse

    a. Home Management/Maintenanceb. Laundry Resourcesc. Accessing Resourcesd. Adaptive Equipment

    a. Accessible Housingb. Housing Optionsc. Subsidized Housing Optionsd. Tenant Rights/Responsibilities

    a. Adaptive Equipmentb. Community Transportationi. Publicii. Privatec. Drivers Education Options

    a. Handling Moneyb. Budgetingc. Bankingi. Checkingii. Savingd. Insurance Coveragee. Financial Benefits Assistance Options

    a. Nutritionb. Meal Planningc. Comparison Shoppingd. Food Preparation/Storagee. Kitchen Safetyf. Adaptive Equipment

    a. Myths, Attitudes, and Rightsb. Fears and Feelingsc. Community Resources

    a. Available Resourcesb. Accessing Resources

    a. Preparation for Employmenti. Career Planningii. Benefits Counselingiii. Work Incentive Planningb. Job Seekingi. Interview Skillsii Form Completioniii. Employment Resources/Optionsiv. Accessing Resourcesv. Employment Laws and the ADA1. Rights and Responsibilities2. Reasonable Accommodationsc. Job Keepingi. Work Behaviorii. Problem Solving

    i. Career Planningii. Visiting Post- Secondary Programsiii. Study and Organizational Skillsiv. College Survival Skillsv. Financial Resources/Optionsvi. Forms Completionvii. Educational Accommodationsviii. Accessing Post-Secondary Resources

    a. Identification of Leisure Interestsb. Developing Leisure Skillsc. Location Community Recreation Opportunitiesd. Accessing Community Recreation Opportunitiese. Adaptive Equipment

    a. Developing Advocacy Skillsb. Advocating Resources/ Optionsc. Advocating for Yourselfd. Advocating for Disability Issuesi. Localii. Stateiii. National

    a. Self Awarenessb. Educating Othersc. Disability Awareness and the Communityd. Accessing Resources

    a. Community Safetyb. Home Safetyc. Personal Safetyd. Computer/Internet Safety

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